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One-time bioreactor boosts biomedical industry to achieve medium and high speed development

[China Pharmaceutical Network Editorial Point] The biomedical industry is a key development area of ​​"Made in China 2025" and a key direction for the country's strategy of manufacturing a strong country. With the advancement of the "13th Five-Year Plan" process, the policy-oriented "dividends" of the national biomedical industry have doubled. It is reported that in recent years, "Chinese Medicine Development Strategy Planning Outline (2016-2030)", "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry", and "Several Opinions on Creating a Good Market Environment for the Special Action of Developing the "Three Products" of the Consumer Goods Industry" The introduction of such policy documents has pointed out the direction for the future upgrade of the biomedical industry, and the support for the innovation capability, quality brand, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing of the entire industry has continued to increase.

With the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry, bioreactors will also develop rapidly as a powerful weapon for the biopharmaceutical industry. According to industry insiders, bioreactor technology is now the core supporting technology in the industrialization of biotechnology, and it is also an important factor in determining the quality and cost of products in the biomedical production process. Therefore, enterprises need to constantly cultivate "internal work" and improve bioreactor technology.

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